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Effective Website Building Tools

Page updated September 13, 2018

Building a Complete Web Presence

Effective website building is just the beginning. In order to build a site that works, you must put in the time and thought necessary as a site builder to create a profitable presence.

There is no magic bullet or get-rich-quick solution no matter what promises are made by various vendors. I am so impressed with SoloBuildIt 2.0 that I not only am using it for building the MFAS Marketing LLC website, but also have a business affiliation with them.

Their concept of C-T-P-M (Content – Traffic- Presell – Monetize) is not new to me. Solo Build It 2.0 I utilized this technique in the 70s and 80s to develop a catalog business.

Publishing a catalog is analogus to designing a website. The catalog presented one-of-a-kind items, so the only way to make it profitable was to be able to charge subscribers a fee. In order to justify charging a subscription fee I had to provide real content in addition to offering product for sale, so I developed a “magalog” which is still successful after 30 years.

I no longer publish it, but the format remains the same. Check it out at The Fine Tool Journal Of course, we recommend SoloBuildIt 2.0 because of the complete suite of website building tools and training it provides at a very competitive cost, but there are others that you may find more suitable either for the specific tools they provide or the extensive information available from the support area. 

Take a video tour of Solo Build It.

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