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Using Video is Easier Than You Think

Page updated October 10, 2018

Using video is easy once you get past some of the myths. Many business people are intimidated by the "technology" required, and that was true at one time not long ago.

However, there are some basic rules to keep in mind in order to  simplify the creation process for you and make viewing video a pleasure for your intended audience.

It is no longer necessary to spend a fortune on equipment for making video easy. Video equipment has become so affordable that in many cases, your smart phone or an SLR Camera is all you need for the video capture. 

When I was training in the 80's, an edit bay with ultra accurate tape drives and a lot of skill was required to edit raw video.

Now, with the  maturing of non-linear editing, basic editing has not only become simple, but fun as well, allowing the creative juices to flow unimpeded.

Good audio is also an absolute necessity that is often overlooked, and even that can be accomplished without serious expense by utilizing a mic / headset combo with your smart phone.

Other inexpensive microphones are available that will be more than adequate, especially for voice recording. Ignore audio quality at your peril however.

Filmora and the other Wondershare products make dealing with video easy and creative. To learn more, click on the link below. We have a business affiliation with Wondershare, but also use and recommend their products. Their programs are available in several languages.

Wondershare Software

The following 1 minute 40 second video was put together in one afternoon using free video clips from Pexels, Filmora Edit software and Wistia hosting; all free or free trial.

For an additional broad selection of media files, you also have Stock Media File Bundle, Stock Nation and many more.


Following Some Basic Rules Will
Make Your Video Easy and Look Great

If you have yet to get started with video, this e-book may be right up your alley - The Modern Video Maker. $9.97

Video is easy if you follow some fundamental, universal rules for capturing good video.

a. Perhaps you have noticed on the news cell phone videos uploaded that are basically useless. Many of these videos were shot under duress, but all, almost without exception, were moved around so much, the video is virtually unwatchable.

As camcorders and phones get smaller and lighter, this becomes a major problem, after all, a video is not a still picture.  There are a number of apps available to smooth out shaky video, but it is always preferable to keep the camera as stable as possible while shooting even if it has built-in shake reduction. With a cell phone or any other light weight camcorder, this is only possible by leaning against a wall, resting on a car or table or other stable support.

Of course, the ideal method is to mount on a tripod, but this is rarely possible when an interesting photo-op presents itself by surprise. Many current camera models incorporate vibration and motion damping, but physically restraining the camera is still the ideal. 

b. Rule number two; always move slowly and deliberately when shooting. There is nothing much more disturbing than rapid panning or zooming in and out continually.

c. Rule number three. Shoot with a "safe zone." Allow for over bleed at both sides and top and bottom of the frame. This is really a habit to achieve and will prevent heads from being cut off, etc. 

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