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Last update July 9/2019

Hi, my name is Vern Ward and I am the Managing Partner at MFAS Marketing LLC along with my wife, Patty. We're happy you have stopped by and we know we can provide something of value for you in the pursuit of your hobby or business.

Between us we have experience in sales, marketing, appraising, museum consultancy, publishing, business management and auctioneering totaling over 70 years! If we can't turn that experience into useful and profitable results for you and your pursuits, we will not have fulfilled our mission.

Even though our primary focus is on the art and antiques industry, much of our information and advice is applicable to any small to medium sized business.

This website has much to offer collectors too, no matter what they collect. If you want to save time and money, this is the place to be.

We have recently added a new division, MFAS Agency, in order to offer "do it for you" options for improving your marketing efforts without the learning curve required by ANY tool you may employ. Of course, we also offer a number of options for you to do the work yourselves.

Our Agency Mission Statement is - to provide customized marketing campaigns utilizing a holistic approach employing all the skills we both have learned over the last 30+ years that fit with your marketing goals, especially local targeted markets. Our extensive experience includes direct mail, print advertising, catalog publishing, video production, social networking, email marketing, and brochures. Our extensive, experienced team stands ready to implement your most imaginative marketing campaigns.

Call us to toss around ideas that will accomplish your goals well within your budget. (941)286-0504. There is no obligation, we can just get to know each other and if I can provide any strategy to enhance your bottom line, I will certainly do so.

We are here to serve you in any way we can; from answering your questions (just fill in the contact box below), to providing you with free or competitively priced tools that save you time and money. 

Sure, we have stuff for sale too. After all, we have to pay the bills just as you do. We do carefully vet the sites we link you to and the products we offer for sale. As a result of this vetting, we appreciate any feedback you may wish to provide.

We are constantly updating our web site with new useful information and make every effort to expand the information you most want to see. Obviously, we can't please everyone all the time, but we continually try to do so..

To get started on your investigation of what this site has to offer, scan the menu on the left and go to a page that looks interesting to you.

You can also keep tabs on us by following us on Facebook, or any other social site. That isn't all, you can also keep in touch with us by subscribing to our blog.

For more information on video marketing, click here.

As an Amazon affiliate, I have included links to products I recommend, but there are many other brands and prices available at Amazon and other retailers. ( We are an affiliate of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliate sites.) We are also affiliates of many of the other sites we link to two to thaw. Sites that we recommend that we have no affiliation with are indicated with an asterisk (*). However, we have either purchased or at least tested any recommended affiliate or non-affiliated sites before adding their link to our site.

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