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About Vern Ward and How He Got into The Antique Business

Last updated June 10, 2019

The Early Days

When I graduated from Dartmouth, my interests were far from the field of antiques, but I had great plans to become a teacher, and I actually did pursue that profession successfully for a few years until deciding to continue my education in Marine Ecology with the goal of specializing in fisheries management. Unfortunately, I was ahead of my time and could not convince the big seafood producers that it was in their best interest to preserve the commercial fishery stock, so back to teaching.

The next major stop in my career came when I founded an antique business - a far cry from Marine science isn't it? - Iron Horse Antiques Inc. which eventually became one of the world's premier specialists in antique tools and trades. I became a major mail order purveyor, publisher of The Fine Tool Journal and consultant to major museums and foundations.

The Later Years

Marketing had a great deal to do with the success of the business as did a lot of thinking outside of the box. The biggest lesson learned was that an impeccable business reputation is essential if you plan on running a growing business for 25 years or more. The second major lesson I learned was to consistently give my customers more than they expect.

I have carried that same philosophy into this new venture. I am always interested in receiving input from viewers and potential customers as to what they want to see presented on this site and in my newsletter that will help them make the decisions that will benefit their interests the most. Check out our website here.

Skills and Experience

1.Over 35 years experience in the antique and museum fields

2.Founded Iron Horse Antiques Inc in 1971 and operated it until 1996. Specialized in antique tools and trades as well as furniture. Sub-specialties include metals, European ceramics, weapons.

3.Museum consulting including: Winterthur, The Windham Foundation of Grafton, VT, and High Point NC Museum to name a few

4.Founder and Managing Editor of the Fine Tool Journal – 1976 to 1996. (It is still published under new management)

5. Appeared on "The Today Show" with Jane Pauley.

6. Also appeared on the NPR show, "Antiques with George Michael."

7.Designed the Condition Rating Table for antique tools which is still the accepted standard for the industry. 

8.Trendsetter in online, absentee auctions.

9.Former Contributing Editor to Wood Magazine.

10.Current contributing author on antique tools for The Antique Shoppe (Florida's Best Newspaper for Antiques and Collectibles)

11.Advanced photographer and videographer. .

12.  Our current operational endeavor is a shop on EBAY. Also, this site is in the process of being repurposed to provide a multitude of resources useful to the antique and collectible business.

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