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Use this page to estimate video production costs

Page updated March 20, 2019

The following pricing is only an estimate based on standard production products. Special requests or requirements will increase the cost as indicated in the formal quote provided to you.

Basic Charges

  • Basic cost per second of finished video = $3.50/sec                 This cost covers text to speech voiceover, avatar spokesperson, story boarding, pre-production cost, and post-production time, customized text, text animation, stock video background, and audio.
  • Videography on site. Billed on-site time only. We will attempt to keep cost under $50 per on site hour. (We will use local videographers, so cost may vary somewhat.)
  • Live on-camera spokesperson. <> $40/minute of finished on-camera audio.
  • Hotspot link integration, $25 per insertion.
  • Special effects if requested, will be billed at cost +10% if I need to outsource.

Some Examples with Pricing
to Give You a General

This promo video employs text animation, custom background, custom music background, animated avatar, and text to speech voiceover. It is 36 seconds long and the cost would be the basic $3.50/second or a total of $126.00.

Videos similar to this one can be produced with a wide variety of male or female avatars, a wide variety of voices, any video background, even one you provide yourself, any music or sound effects background, and an endless variety of animated texts.

Keep in mind that the price per second covers original conference to brainstorm ideas with you, story board for your approval, production of the rough draft, editing and conference for final edit approval, then rendering, delivery and final approval.

You can easily spend $600 to $1,000 to have this done by other agencies, and it may come to that with us eventually. However, for now we want to build a select group of satisfied clients.

If you would rather tackle this by yourself, we offer several viable options here for your consideration. If you want to toss ideas around, give me a call at (941)286-0504.

For a detailed quote, simply complete the short application form below for a detailed, no obligation quote.

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