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The Current State of Selling Antiques and Collectibles in Today's Market

Last page update July 9, 2019

Some Notes on Dating Wrought Iron

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Dating Wrought Iron.

The antiques and collectibles market has recently been evolving with many pundits predicting the end of the antique business as a viable business plan. They are correct in that the market for selling antiques is undergoing significant changes, but it is hardly dead!

The day of the brick and mortar shop has pretty much seen its' glory days passed, although in certain cases with vendors of very high end art and antiques, their brick and mortar galleries are still very successful.

The internet has definitely changed the way businesses of all kinds must operate. Commodity type retailers are faced with very stiff competition from on-line sellers of the same products which puts immense pressure on profit margins. The antique selling business on the other hand provides products that are essentially one of a kind or at worst, in very limited supply. The antique and collectible business is a good place to be, but there are still challenges and that is what prompted me to begin building this site.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, I hope you will find this site useful and will feel free to take advantage of my 30+ years experience in the antique business as entrepreneur, auctioneer, consultant and publisher.

No matter how small your antique business is, business marketing tools are useful for helping your customers to find you. Word of mouth advertising is of course, the ideal, but tools can encourage enough satisfied customers to spread the word. A variety of cost effective tools are available to help you convince customers to beat a path to your store's door or shopping cart.

Among the solutions available to small antique businesses are traditional marketing and advertising programs as well as the cutting edge of electronic media marketing techniques. A well planned coherent marketing strategy is essential in order to produce profitable results selling antiques. All the available tools aren't necessary to be deployed at once in order to be effective, but they can be phased in, tested and tracked before adding another layer to the overall strategy.

Here is a list of the available approaches that can be utilized to expand your reach, whether you are a local business or market nationally or internationally:

Local Reach

  • Print Advertising -
  • Direct Mail
  • Brochure Distribution
  • Radio & TV Advertising
  • Precise Geographically Targeted Mobile Advertising
  • "Yellow Pages" type listings
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Coupon and/or Event Marketing

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