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Welcome to MFAS Agency

Last update March 20, 2019

a Division of MFAS Marketing LLC


We are a video production agency and a division of MFAS Marketing LLC helping businesses & brands grow with video while saving you time and money.

  • Production Company of Record
  • Brand Spots
  • Communications Videos
  • Personalized Video
  • Product Explainers
  • Experiential Videos 
  • Interactive Chatbots

And soon to come

  • Event Production
  • Web Design
  • and more

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Creative Services

Imagine a number of people, gathered around an idea which they develop together that would soon lead to the perfect design and great results!

That is exactly the main goal of MFAS Agency and services which we provide from a sketch to the final shot depending on your wishes.

You need a script, a total concept, artwork, text, multimedia, or something else? We will provide you with everything that is necessary, including positive creativity and most importantly give you our full attention. We do all this at a reasonable cost!

Our Studio

Our studio is in an unusual comfortable home environment with a variety of opportunities for production as well as post-production of all kinds.

Our video skills date from 1985 as a Certified Legal Video Specialist and Certified Video Producer.

Video Strategy

We not only create ordinary video clips and promotional recordings, but we are also capable of coordinating the entire development strategy of the video itself.

We are continually doing market research in order to stay abreast of  the best strategies for achieving your goals.


The process of pre-production is crucial and it determines in which direction your idea will move next. This is where your input is essential!

We have a team of trained specialists who have gained a great deal of pre-production experience  and who will put each idea on a par, analyze possibilities and then carefully present what we determine  is best in order to get the desired results!

The careful application of pre-production results prevents mistakes that can appear later in the process without our careful project oversight.


When we are sure that the project is set up properly, the actual production begins. Each video is carefully framed and conceived with programs and equipment that are today’s cutting edge technology.

With a complete team of producers with experience  shooting commercials, skits, online videos and marketing presentations, you can be sure that everything is in the right hands.


With video recording completed, the clips are ready for the final assembly and edit, requiring hours of hard work.

The whole process is located in our home studio, where we are working on the mixing, mastering and assembling of chosen video materials, that means that we can deliver professional results for you in a very reasonable time period and at a very reasonable cost. 

As another promise I'll make, we only serve 3 clients at any given time, so you know we can devote the time necessary to produce the best production for you!

MFAS AGENCY - division of MFAS Marketing LLC

MFAS Agency is here to address all the issues facing your marketing strategy employing video content and formulating a digital roadmap in order to improve all areas of your business plan. 

No matter what niche you address, we can provide the tools to increase your reach to your potential clients and customers. Watch the sample videos below to get a general idea of what is possible.

We can provide whiteboard video, explainer video, avatar spokespersons, live spokespersons, voiceovers, voiceover translation to many languages, interactive chatbots, and much, much more!

With our 30+ years marketing experience, we are also skilled in holistic marketing methods such as, direct mail, print advertising, catalog design, brochure production, and brand building as well as keeping up with the cutting edge of digital marketing.

First of all, here is a general price guide for various video types and lengths:
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If you have further interest -
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